Current students, looking for advice related to your Capstone project?  What better place to find answers than from others who have graduated from the Mineta Transportation Institute Master's degree program and have already been through the very same process.  To assist with this, we are building a Capstone Coach Directory.  This will be a list of graduates of the Master of Science in Transportation Management (MSTM) who are available to help with Capstone topics, research methods, and presentations, as well as to offer general support.

See link below for the Capstone Coaches who have signed up so far. 


Current students, the password to open the document is the MSTM 201 teacher's last name (all lower case). Please remember to be respectful of the time commitments of capstone coaches.  We suggest sending an initial inquiry via e-mail and then setting up a time to address additional questions via phone if needed.

MSTM grads, the current students need you!  

To sign up as a Capstone Coach, please send an e-mail to with the following info, as you'd like to see it published in the Capstone Coach Directory.  

  • Full Name
  • E-mail
  • MSTM graduation year
  • Title of Capstone Paper, if you can remember it! :)
  • Areas of expertise
  • Link to “Linked In” profile, if you have one

The directory is password protected so the information is not searchable or accessible to the general public. The Capstone Course: Strategic Management in Transportation (MTM 290) is offered in the Spring Semester each year, so you can expect the majority of student inquiries during that time.  We are hoping to eventually have a database large enough such that students can search for keywords related to their specific topic and find an MSTM grad who has expertise in that particular area.